Between volcanic ash clouds, transport strikes, and nasty winter weather, 2010 has been the year of airport delays.  Here at FROSCH we’ve been working around the clock to assist our travelers whose flights were delayed or cancelled this past weekend.

It might be too late for them, but here’s packing list of essential items for surviving an unexpected delay in an airport… make sure it’s all in your carry-on!
  1. Pashmina scarf or lightweight blanket.
    Use it to stay warm, roll it up and use it as a pillow,  fold it across your lap for an impromptu table cloth.
  2. A well-stocked toiletry bag.
    We like these handy travel toothbrush kits from Sephora.  A washcloth and a ziplock baggie will refresh.  Don’t forget contact solution in a TSA-approved container.  And travel packs of Kleenex and antibacterial wipes will bring you peace of mind.
  3. Phone charger.
    And a good eye for available electrical outlets.
  4. Useful apps for your smart phone.
    Here’s one that will help you find your gate, a place to eat, or an airport lounge.  Here’s one to obsessively track what may or may not be your future plane.
  5. Deck of cards.
    Fast-paced and competitive, Egyptian Ratscrew is THE airport card game.  Not for the weak of heart.  A contact sport.  Hours of entertainment.  Gets out all your pent-up aggression.
  6. Ear plugs or noise cancelling headphones.
    For when you’re trying to sleep while your fellow airport refugees are playing Egyptian Ratscrew nearby.
  7. A hard copy of important numbers.
    Your travel agent,  the dogsitter, family members.  If your phone dies, you’ll need to make contact with the outside world via a pay phone (see above re: antibacterial wipes!) and who has phone numbers memorized anymore?  FROSCH has a dedicated team of after-hours agents whom you can call collect in case of emergency.  If you’re using your phone to store your boarding pass and itinerary, make sure you have a printed copy as well, just in case.
  8. Food and a bottle for water.
    We like the Water Bobble, which includes a filter to get rid of the mineraly water fountain taste.  Pack some food that won’t make you feel gross– less candy; more fruit, granola bars, or sandwiches.
  9. Cash
  10. Change of clothes.
    At the very least, fresh socks and undergarments.  Pack it in a large ziplock bag that you can later use to collect dirty clothes or trash.
  11. Travel Insurance.
    Plan for it ahead of time– our FROSCH travel insurance will save you from ruin in the form of lost luggage, trip delay or interruption, or weather-related disaster.
What have you found invaluable during long layovers or extended airport stays?  Share your travel tips by posting a comment below or on our Facebook page!