Last week we gave you some tips on how to capture memories of the exotic wildlife you might see on your next African safari.  But perhaps you’re in the mood for something a little tamer, a cuddle from a friendly cat or dog when you’ve left your own best friend at home.  Here are some of our favorite hotel pets…

Mavis and Beau at the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver
A knowledgeable source says that these two “Canine Ambassadors” are either the laziest dogs ever or the ones who get the most exercise.  We suspect it’s the latter– guests can reserve times to take them out for a walk, and in beautiful Vancouver, that’s the best way to get around.  Mavis and Beau are great with other dogs, and the hotel is pet-friendly with a gourmet pet menu, in case you plan on bringing along your own best friend.

Fa-raon at Hotel le Bristol in Paris
There are lots of hotel and shop cats in Paris, but we think that Fa-Raon is the fanciest, and, with a bright green Hermes collar, the best-dressed.  Who better to represent one of the poshest hotels in Paris?
Monty at Montage Deer Valley
A new resort, a new puppy!  Monty, the Bernese Mountain dog, is now 6 months old and fits right in at the luxurious new mountainside resort in Utah.  He’s growing before our eyes (and getting BIG!) and he loves to romp in the snow and welcome guests to the hotel.
Goldfish at Hotel Monaco

Maybe you get a little lonely when you travel, but don’t want the responsibilities of caring for a pet on the road.  At Hotel Monaco (in various cities around the US) they give you your own goldfish to keep you company in your room.  You don’t even have to feed it– the staff will take care of everything.

Do you have a favorite hotel animal ambassador?  Tell us all about it!  Leave a comment below or on our Facebook page!