Camels resting in Petra.  Photo by Marilyn Grogan.
A few weeks ago, a group of FROSCH agents visited Israel for an exclusive familiarization trip.  While they were there, they visited not only the must-see historical and spiritual sites of the region, but they also gained access to exclusive FROSCH-only experiences that we are now excited to share with our travelers.  Here are just a few of the many photos that they took during their trip!
Riding into Petra.  Photo by Marilyn Grogan. 
A view of Mount Hermon.  Photo by Marilyn Grogan. 
Touring the underground archeological sites of Jerusalem.  Photo by Marilyn Grogan.
A scale model of the Old City of Jerusalem.  Photo by Melanie Miller-Pusateri.
The Wailing Wall on a rainy day.  Photo by Marilyn Grogan. 
Riding camels en route to Kfar Hanokdim.  Photo by Melanie Miller-Pusateri.
Near the Israel-Syria border, following an Israeli Defense Forces Military briefing. Photo by Marilyn Grogan.
Textiles for sale in the Nachalat Benyamin Arts & Crafts Fair.  Photo by Melanie Miller-Pusateri.
Pool area at the gorgeous Isrotel Dead Sea Resort.  Photo by Marilyn Grogan. 
Learning about an Israeli archeological site.  Photo by Melanie Miller-Pusateri.