Last week, I attended a luncheon hosted by Joanna Heathcote at the lovely Hotel Granduca here in Houston and learned lots about the new products that they’ve added to their collection. 2011 marks the 20th anniversary of this expertly curated collection of hotels and tour companies, and I congratulate Joanna on her continued success.

One thing that especially stood out to me is the airport services offered to international travelers. For example, Lewis Day can meet travelers at Heathrow right at the plane after you disembark, escort you through customs as a VIP, and transfer you to your hotel for a very reasonable fee. Similarly, Made for Spain and Italian Dream Incorporated also offer comparable services. I think this a great way to start and end your trip without worries or stress.

A unique and personality-filled hotel in Spain is Neri Hotel & Restaurant, also part of Joanna’s collection. It’s located in Barcelona, right next to the Cathedral in the Gothic quarter. Converted from a 12th Century medieval palace, it has only 22 rooms but also contains a wonderful restaurant, lounge, bar, solarium, and library. The décor is modern but it complements the antique structure.

I recently discovered; it’s an online magazine that has a great section on luxury travel. I like the “Secret Cities” series, especially the stories on Copenhagen and Rome.

Fly fishing seems to be the new golf, with fantastic luxury packages to be found throughout the world. From Patagonia to New Zealand, Africa’s Zambezi River, and Montana, fly fishing tours are appearing wherever the nature is beautiful and the water is right (and where, hopefully, the fish are biting). A good way to get a taste of the great outdoors, fly fishing can be just as exciting for beginners as for those more experienced anglers.

That’s all for this week. Keep an eye on this blog and our Facebook page this week for live updates from our social media team, who are blogging from New Zealand.