Our resident Mexico expert, Ben Gritzewsky, has recently been featured in Travel Agent Central to speak about the changing face of Mexican tourism. An outspoken proponent in favor of travel south of the border, Ben extolls the strength of the dollar and Mexico’s cultural wealth, noting that the reports of violence are overstated. Here’s his take on Mexico City:

Mexico City expert Ben Gritzewsky of Frosch says the last few years have seen dramatic improvements in Mexico City’s public transport network. “I don’t hesitate to use the modern subway, el Metro,” he says. “Some stations are practically museums of archaeological treasures, uncovered during the subway’s construction. The relatively new Metrobus line along Insurgentes Avenue operates hybrid buses in a dedicated lane with frequent stations, connecting easily with the metro, buses, and taxis, which are now highly regulated, safe, and economical. Getting around is remarkably inexpensive. Even hiring a car and driver from the best hotels is a bargain, relative to most of the world’s capitals.”

He’s also been written up in Travel Agent Central for an article on Mexico as a destination for the growing field of medical tourism:

“For elective procedures or treatments not covered by the system, going to Mexico is brilliant,” says Ben Gritzewsky of Frosch Travel in Houston, TX. “The costs are a fraction of what they are north of the border, the facilities are state-of-the-art, and Mexican caregivers are highly trained professionals and among the warmest and most compassionate people in the world.

 Ben, thanks for sharing your expertise.