The wakeup call was torture, but we managed to drag ourselves out of bed and into the car with the help of Amatista and one last round of Coca tea. Our flight out of the mountains went smoothly and we were soon reunited with our LAN rep and superb escort, Eric. He assisted us in some shopping at Kuna, the famous Peruvian store known for their Alpaca wool products and Ilaria for silver jewelry.

After flying into Brazil at sunset and a 20 minute drive through Iguazu National Park to Orient Express’,  Hotel Das Cataratas. We quickly dressed for dinner and met on the glowing front porch of the Bar Tarobá and shared a few Caipirinha’s (a Brazilian must have) over the sounds of the powerful falls that were frequently drowned out by our laughter. Even after traveling all day, it was easy to be energetic and carefree in such a magical atmosphere. Dinner was equally as pleasant with plenty of Argentinean wine, a buffet of delicious options and copious amounts of meat. Following dinner we couldn’t resist a swim in the pool that glows in the twilight underneath what feels like an infinite sky. We finally retreated to our rooms in order to rise early for a personally guided tour of the falls by Rodrigo, our Orient Express representative.

Aside from the magical atmosphere, the picturesque pool and the wildlife, the true characteristic that makes this hotel such a gemstone, is that it’s the only one located on the Brazilian side of the park, so you have the entire park to yourself before the tourists are allowed in at 9:00 a.m. The true value of this is only realized after you spend some time enjoying breathtaking views and then you watch the large groups file in once the first bus arrives. Walking the falls you learn a few things, that 360 degree rainbows do exist, that there are small birds that fly right into the falls where they keep their nests and to wear bug spray and sandals!
 As if this wasn’t enough of a life changing experience as it was, our hosts insisted that we take a Macuco Safari which includes a car ride and walk through the jungle where you can experience all of its wildlife and then onto a boat which takes you up the river and straight into the falls, literally. This is an experience you cannot pass up when you visit the park. It’s thrilling, fun and even scary at moments. Don’t even bother with a poncho, just get drenched, take in every moment and enjoy. Once we all came down from our adrenaline rush we were starving. Luckily Das Cataratas has a traditional Brazillian BBQ every Saturday complete with Feijoada– A delicious cure for the sadness of our imminent departure.
Hotel Das Cataratas also offers wonderful amenities for clients who book their stay with FROSCH Travel such as:
  • One way private sedan transfer from the hotel to the Iguazu airport (Brazilian side only).
  • Full breakfast for each guest daily.
  • Upgrade at time of check in based on availability.