Many corporate clients are operating on a tight budget for business expenses, and part of my job is finding the best rates for flights and hotels for travelers. The flight part is easy–it is the hotels where there is a gray area.  Anyone can search online for a cheap rate, but many do not take into account location and safety issues that should be a part of the decision for choosing where to book.  I stand firmly that I will not book any hotel that I feel is unsafe; be it due to location, or type of hotel/motel.  Sure the “X” hotel is cheaper and in the area they want to stay, but not only is the area unsafe, but the property has doors that open to the outside like a motel.  Why even risk it?  And let’s not even have the conversation of bedbug possibilities…

Safety is important, and below I’ve outlined some guidelines to consider for when you travel and stay in a hotel:

  • If possible, choose national hotel chains with indoor room entrances
  • Use your business card for your luggage tag inserts, never your home address
  • Ask for 2 keys when checking in so the perception is you will not be alone
  • Avoid staying on the ground floor and when possible, choose a room close to the elevator
  • Use your deadbolt when in the room
  • NEVER use the “clean my room”  or “pre-order breakfast” door hangers
  • Always put the Do Not Disturb sign on the door when you leave the room

For the best rates on hotels, at FROSCH we have various vendors we use for below market rate at many hotels including the major chains.  This is another perk of using a travel agent, as you will receive preferential rates for not only hotels, but car rentals, vacation packages, and various other travel expenses as well.  Often, even if the nightly rate you receive is the normal published rate to a hotel, FROSCH has relationships with many hotels whereby we can provide you with special amenities including early check in and late check out, complimentary breakfasts, and room credits.

By Debra Burman-Gisby