The Italian fashion house Missoni has a home away from home in Edinburgh. Conveniently located between the Old and New Towns, the Missoni has a prime location in Scotland’s capital.

photo: Some Like it Vintage

And what’s that, there is a Missoni tartan? Indeed there is. That may seem a little unexpected at first, but perhaps not so much. Scots of Italian heritage number at least 30,000, and the Italian presence in Scotland dates back to the 1890’s and before.

To those of us who grew up in Scotland, Italian ice cream and the Italian fish and chip shop owners were just part and parcel of the fabric of the community in many towns and villages. Not to reduce the Italian influence only to ice cream and chip shops of course – they are prominent in many areas of business and the arts etc. however, there is an affection and nostalgia associated with those two for many.

Moving on to present day, the Missoni Hotel has firmly made its mark and offers a slightly zany experience to anyone who enjoys fun, style and comfort. With a deceivingly plain exterior, the interior far from plain; what you will find is a current, high quality, high touch hotel. The Missoni family is ever present whether physically or in concept, the Missoni mark is stamped on everything from the elevators to the conference rooms, and everything between. The public areas are popular with the locals and visitors alike, and there is a vibrant atmosphere throughout.

I believe that the Missoni has hit on a good balance because although it is a hip and modern member of the Edinburgh hotel scene, the Missoni family has not gone so far as to alienate the less hip among us. The hotel offers an exciting variation, good value for money, convenience and comfort, and should definitely be on the radar of someone looking for something a little different, or just another take on Edinburgh, this time from an Italian fashion icon’s viewpoint.

(Photo: Article by Jean Campbell)