Plenty of sun, sea breezes, no bugs, and no cell phone reception. Ah, the perfect vacation. But look twice: it’s not a cruise—it’s a B&B perched on an offshore platform that was once used as a lighthouse in the shallow waters off the coast of North Carolina. And luxury is not the first word that comes to mind: owner Richard Neal is still in the restoration phase, scraping flaked paint and replacing rusted beams. He’s installing solar panels to replace a generator for electricity and cisterns to collect rainwater for laundry and showers, according to News Observer.

Despite its unpolished patina, the B&B sounds like a lovely summer weekend retreat in many ways:

The only neighbors are sharks, barracudas, sea turtles, sport-fishing boats and scuba divers. Cast a line and fish for black sea bass and grouper. Climb to the helicopter landing deck, sip a cool one and watch spellbinding sunrises and sunsets. (Via)

The spot is a paradise for scuba divers and sport fishers who come for barracudas, mackerel, and other marine wildlife that call the 50-feet water their home.

$75 per person per night gets you an ocean-view room at this secluded B&B, which also features a pool table, dart board, and facilities so that you can cook your own meals. Known as the Frying Pan Tower, it soars 140 feet above the ocean and sleeps up to eight people at a time.