Are you a bit of a nerd? Go on, admit it—it’s all the rage these days to embrace your inner geekdom.  Nerdy Day Tripsis the perfect confluence of travel and self-aware dorkiness. Powered by the hive mind, it’s a globe-spanning collection of user-submitted activities and destinations that fall under the generous umbrella of “nerdy.”Love dinos? There’s a plethora of Nerdy Day Trips forthat, enough for an EPIC road trip! Looking to kill some time in Ireland? Daytrip it up at the Exhibition of Historical Streetlights of Dublin. Did you forget that the Louvre is closed on Tuesdays (hey, it happens to the best of us)? Why not head over to The Pasteur Museum to see the famed scientist’s home, laboratory, and mausoleum?

Ranging from hipster nerdy (brewery tours) to history nerdy (Civil War museum exhibits) and science nerdy (solar observatory tours), the selections available on this interactive map will redefine your perspective on the breadth of human weirdness and awesomeness. Whether or not those are two different things is a question you need to ask yourself.