App of the Month

On a clear day, the view from your airplane window can be fascinating. You may see mountain ranges piercing the clouds, rivers rushing beneath you, or entire cities coming and going. Have you ever wonder what exactly you’re actually looking at? Well thanks to geology student, Shane Loeffler, wanting to know what sites and features he was passing during one of his flights, there’s now an app that can tell you exactly what’s out the window.

Fliers simply use the tool to plot their course and you phone’s GPS will provide your current location and altitude, helping the app to pinpoint exactly where in the world you are, and what geological features you’re seeing from 35,000 feet. The app uses cached articles, maps, and data to pinpoint details about your unique route, so passengers don’t have to purchase in-flight Wi-Fi in order to use the app. The app isn’t just for flying either – it can also come in handy on a road trip, hikes, or polar expeditions. In the future, Loeffler plans to add meteorological and astronomy facts to the app to make evening flights and cloudy days more insightful.

Flyover Country is available for download from Google Play and the App Store on your smartphone devices.