United Polaris

Debuting on B777-300ER planes by the end of this year, United Airlines is unveiling a new long-haul seat called United Polaris, named after the North Star. Instead of selecting a seat that was already on the market, United was adamant about designing a custom-designed, exclusive-to-United seat. To invent the seat, United partnered with Acumen, the same company that was responsible for the Etihad Residence and the original flat bed for British Airways. After conducting over 12,000 hours of research, United and Acumen came up with the design of United Polaris, featuring a reimagined, sleep-enhancing, complete departure-to-landing experience for intercontinental travelers.

United Polaris seats will offer direct aisle access for all business class passengers and feature a fully-flat bed decked out in custom-designed bedding from Saks Fifth Avenue. To ensure a good night’s rest upon arriving at the destination, customers will also have a choice of plush duvets or lightweight day-blankets, large and small pillows, and the option for extra mattress cushions upon request. For flights over 12 hours, customers will receive United Polaris pajamas, gel-cooled pillows, and high-end amenity kits.

The seat has been described as an individual, forward-facing, suite-like pod designed to be each customer’s personal area. There will be a “Do Not Disturb” sign, mood lighting, one-touch lumbar support, several storage areas, multiple surfaces for simultaneous working and dining, and of course, a 16-inch high-definition entertainment screen.

United unveiled the new seat at an exclusive event in New York City, attended by FROSCH President & CEO Bryan Leibman and Marc Kazlauskas (President, Leisure Sales & US Operations, FROSCH). Commenting on the new seat, Marc stated: “United Polaris offers great privacy, extended long beds and a great work space. I am certain our clients will love this product and I for one can’t wait for the December roll-out.”

This is the airline’s most significant product transformation in more than a decade. Along with the announcement of the United Polaris seat, United has also stated that it will make a number of enhancements in the dining and airport lounge experience to debut alongside the Polaris seat.

United Airlines Unveils United Polaris