How to Rent a Car While on a Cruise

There’s no reason to rent a car in ports with good public transportation or where the main sites and activities are accessible on foot from the port. However, there are a handful of ports where you might really want to go beyond what the tour and taxi drivers want you to see, where it would be safe to do so, and where you can explore at your leisure. Read on for five steps you should consider for renting a car while on a cruise!

Plan in Advance

As soon as you pay the deposit on your cruise, the ship’s online shore excursion list should be available to you. Carefully research each port of call, noting the sites you and your family or friends would like to see, and how close they are to the pier. Compare the fee of the shore excursion to the price of sightseeing on your own.

Consider Renting a “Fun” Vehicle

Although a basic subcompact with a manual transmission may be the cheapest, you may only be in port for a few hours. Consider renting a Jeep, convertible, or even a luxury car to enhance your vacation experience. It may even be less expensive than signing the entire family up for a shore excursion.

Book Before You Leave

Be sure to book your rental car before you leave the United States. Many rental agencies operate walk-up desks at the pier, but prices may be three or four times as high as they are for those who booked in advance. Be sure to print out your confirmation and carry a copy to the desk when you arrive to pick up your car. When paying, use a credit card so you can dispute any erroneous charges that may occur.

Research Applicable Driving Laws

It’s important to know the driving laws in the country you are visiting. In some countries, you may find yourself driving on the opposite side of the road than you’re used to! Having an American driver’s license is generally sufficient, however, an international driving permit is helpful if you are pulled over by an officer that doesn’t speak English. It’s also a good idea to check with your insurance company to determine if you are covered for international rentals. If not, you may need to purchase the supplemental insurance from the rental agency.

Use a FROSCH Travel Consultant

Some of the best ports for renting a car include Cozumel, the Greek Islands, the Hawaiian Islands, Grand Cayman, Freeport Bahamas, Bonaire, and Aruba. A FROSCH Travel Consultant is happy to not only book your cruise for you, but also help you plan and book a rental car. They’ll even give you expert recommendations on sightseeing opportunities based on your interests, work with you to ensure you have proper licensing and insurance, and best of all, they’ll save you the trouble and stress of doing the research on your own!

5 Steps to Renting a Car While on a Cruise