One great part about traveling is getting to try a city’s cuisine. Whether you are traveling abroad or staying domestic, these desserts will have you coming back for more!

Rome, Italy: While authentic gelato is a must when traveling in Italy, the fresh ingredients local to Rome inspire amazing desserts. Cristalli di Zucchero is a favorite bakery of the city well known for its Parisian-style tartlets and flaky ricotta and chocolate filled Romanella; and of course, you can’t leave without a rich espresso.

Cambridge, MA: For a twist on a classic, old fashioned ice cream cone, look no further than Christina’s Homemade Ice Cream in Cambridge. With over 50 flavors served daily, this ice cream shop serves as a landmark for culinary enthusiasts, made on the premises with only the freshest quality ingredients.

New Orleans, LA: For 143 years, New Orleans has been serving up the most sugary, airy, and arguably delicious beignets in America. Café du Monde is the go-to spot for these tasty treats, and is a landmark to visit when in New Orleans.

Barcelona, Spain: Bubó patisserie in Barcelona, Spain, was designed to emulate a jewelry store, not only through its interior design, but also through its creative and beautiful product display. With noteworthy macaroons and beautifully crafted chocolates and pastries, Bubó is a great place to satisfy your sweet tooth.

New York, NY: With a bakery on just about every block, it is hard to pass up dessert when visiting New York City. One of our favorites amongst the greatest is Dominque Ansel Bakery. With a unique selection of desserts, the most noteworthy concoctions are the infamous cronut (cross between a croissant and a donut), the milk and cookie shot (a cookie shot glass filled with cold milk), and the frozen s’more.

Five Desserts Around The World