Blog Thumbnail - Celebrity Promotes “Mindful Dreams” with New Spa Program

Celebrity recently launched a wellness program unlike any other on the high seas and one that will benefit passengers long after they’ve returned home, gone back to work, and readjusted to the daily grind.

The new “Mindful Dreams” program aboard the Celebrity Equinox and Celebrity Summit will focus on a holistic approach to getting better, deeper, and more beneficial sleep. Traditional options, such as massage, meditation, nutrition plans, and relaxation treatments will be used, along with expert lectures and classes, to educate and train passengers to improve the quality of their sleep.

“Mindful Dreams” was made possible through a partnership with Celebrity’s spa provider, Canyon Ranch.

While only the Equinox and Summit currently offer this program, the remainder of Celebrity’s fleet will be adding “Mindful Dreams” to its spa menus this month.

Celebrity Promotes “Mindful Dreams” with New Spa Program