Blog Thumbnail - Italy Just Launched a Free, Nationwide Wi-Fi App

Arguably, one of the largest hidden costs of traveling is data usage on our smart phones. For many travelers, connecting to the free WiFi at their hotel is simply not enough; network connectivity is always necessary. But data roaming charges can add up quickly – and in many cases, without you even realizing.

Should the urge to share strike you while in Italy, have no fear – your Instagram post will soon be shared with the world. Italy recently introduced a free, nationwide WiFi app called WiFi Italia. Available for both Apple and Android devices, the app enables Italians and tourists alike to access the country’s network.

Connectivity is currently available in Bari, Emilia Romagna, Milan, Rome, Tuscany and Trento, with plans to extend the service further. The current blueprint anticipates users connecting to 28,000 access points installed throughout the country this year, with plans to expand the network into private spaces in 2018.

Italy Just Launched a Free, Nationwide Wi-Fi App