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Transylvania, Romania
Be warned: Dracula will want to suck your blood if you brave the trip to his infamous home, Bran Castle. To truly spook yourself out on Halloween night, visit Dracula’s terrifyingly gloomy castle in Romania, for a haunted party. Besides Bran Castle, Transylvania is home to many gothic castles, buildings and villages, making it a perfectly eerie, yet charming Halloween destination.

Salem, Massachusetts, USA
Although this city is the perfect example of a year-round “Halloween-town,” everything is even creepier and more spectacular during Halloween. Notorious for being home to the Salem Witch Trials, Salem, Massachusetts makes Halloween a lifestyle. The perfect combination of history, haunting, and fun, Salem is the ideal spot to visit for Halloween, especially if you want to be surrounded by the real witches that reside there.

London, England
Home to the terrifying Jack the Ripper, London takes advantage of the eerier chapters of its history when Halloween comes around. If you really want to scare yourself, go to The London Dungeon for the perfect portrayal of horrifying history with live actors, whose main job is to freak you out. On Halloween night, grab a drink at one of the city’s haunted pubs before drifting over to one of the many spirit filled cemeteries throughout the city.

New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
Known for their haunted cemeteries and voodoo-filled streets, New Orleans is a happening place when it comes to Halloween. If you know anything about Mardi Gras, you know NOLA is not afraid to go all out when it comes to partying and excitement. Halloween, though not as severe as Mardi Gras, still allows the people of New Orleans to party and parade through the streets as they embrace the haunted vibes of the city. Start off at a voodoo shop before stepping into a crazy street party and end your night in one of the famous cemeteries, where you’ll be sure to have a creepy fun time!

Sleepy Hollow, New York, USA
Visiting the Headless Horseman’s old stomping (or riding) ground is an awesome idea for a Halloween scare. The small Westchester village turns into a frightening neighborhood when October comes around. See the tombstone of the man responsible for the Headless Horseman, Washington Irving, in the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery before visiting the 300-year old Philipsburg Manor, that makes a concerted effort to haunt visitors around Halloween-time.

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