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Dubai International Airport (DXB) has long led the pack when it comes to technological innovation. This past summer, airport authorities outdid themselves once again. At DXB’s Terminal 3 which serves Emirates, passengers will have a newer, easier way to pass through security by walking through a virtual aquarium!

Here’s how it works: the virtual tunnel will display high quality aquarium images, and as passengers walk through the tunnel, the images will draw their eyes toward one of 80 cameras installed behind the aquarium’s screens, which will verify the passenger’s identity. At the end of the aquarium tunnel, passengers will receive a message in green saying “have a nice trip” if they are confirmed as a registered traveler or a message in red alerting them to additional required formalities, if necessary. If a red message appears, airport authorities will also be alerted to intervene.

Travelers can register their facial prints at kiosks throughout the airport, and during the initial rollout phase, travelers can also register at designated hotels and shopping malls. Dubai’s General Civil Aviation numbers show that 124 million passengers are expected to transit DXB by 2020, so the new technology is not only inventive and eye-catching, but also necessary, considering the airport currently services approximately 80 million passengers.

The virtual experience isn’t just limited to aquatics either. The images can be swapped out with other imagery, including a desert or even an advertisement! These virtual tunnels will be implemented in phases throughout DXB by 2020.

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Dubai Airport’s New Virtual Aquarium Tunnels Scan Your Face