Blog Thumbnail - Oslo Airport City – A New Model for a Sustainable Airport City Revealed

This past March, Architecture firms Haptic Architects and Nordic–Office of Architecture won the bid to design Oslo Airport City (OAC), a sustainable “smart city” to be located adjacent to Oslo Airport. The 1.54 square mile city will be completely powered by renewable energy.

The ambitious project, which includes substructure plans to be the first “energy positive” city, will take an estimated 30 years to construct. Following completion, the energy positive city will be able to sell surplus energy to surrounding buildings and communities. OAC will also have the means to provide critical on-site services such as de-icing planes in inclement weather. Other unique developments in the works include an energy-efficient public transport system that ensures that the city’s citizens are never more than five minutes from a carless city center or public park for outdoor sports and activities, making layovers more enjoyable.

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