Do you prefer deep-dish or the fold over slice? This age-old debate will continue, but the pizza museum can only be found in the windy city. The United States Pizza Museum in Chicago, founded by Kendall Bruns, pays homage to pizza’s past. You’ll see displays of interesting pizza box designs and shop for kitschy gift keepsakes. Artifacts include vintage menus, odd Garbage Pail Kids trading cards, and nostalgic Mystic Pizza movie posters. You can also find Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles action figures and the Noid, Domino’s mascot from the ‘80s. Tickets to the museum are free now, so pop in for a quick peek if visiting Chicago.

You might have heard about a Pizza Museum in New York. If you were hoping to visit, it has already closed. The former Museum of Pizza in Brooklyn celebrated America’s love of pizza with Instagrammable art exhibits. Artists showcased pizza inspired artwork using a variety of mediums. The exhibit closed its doors mid-November. Here’s to hoping the pizza feud will spark the re-opening of the Museum of Pizza in Brooklyn.

Image Licensing: Shutterstock