Italy is among the most beautiful places in the world to visit. Like most of the world’s wonderful things, the scenery, food, wine, and coffee aren’t things to simply be consumed but true experiences to be taken in and enjoyed – particularly the coffee.

Unlike in the states, there are different protocols when it comes to ordering. Here are the rules to follow to channel your most-cultured, caffeine-loving self:

  • Stick to milk in the morning. Cappuccinos, caffe latte or macchiatos are traditionally enjoyed before noon as these types of heavy milk beverages are said to inhibit digestion throughout the day.
  • Ditch your Starbucks order. We may be used to ordering elaborate and complicated lattes, but in Italy, the simpler the better. There’s no need to mess with the quality of ingredients by adding pounds of sugar and artificial flavoring.
  • The term “espresso” doesn’t exist. A single espresso is known as “un caffe” and a double is “caffe lungo”.

And most importantly, say it loud and say it proud! Italy is a culture of gusto. Order your drink with confidence and some power behind it. Just don’t forget to snap a picture of it before its gone!