This year’s Wimbledon tennis championship will be held from July 1-14, so unless you’ve qualified as a player, chances are you should set your sights on the 2020 tournament…and start planning now!

The easiest way to see a match or two at Wimbledon is to call a FROSCH Travel Advisor. Together with our local partners, we can craft a 3- or 4-night stay in London, complete with hotel accommodations, Wimbledon tickets, ground transportation, and even a West End show or London city tour! Working with a travel advisor and a Wimbledon-approved tour provider guarantees you tickets, as well as accommodations – two of the hardest commodities to come by during the tournament. The only thing that may be tougher to find is a parking space!

To illustrate how essential a travel advisor is to a glitch-free and relaxing trip to Wimbledon, consider the steps necessary to put a similar trip together on your own. Get comfortable, because this is a multi-step process.

First, you’ll need to apply for a ticket ballot by December 31 of the previous year by sending in a self-addressed, stamped envelope to the AELTC office in London. Then, you wait. When your ballot arrives, you need to immediately fill it out, return it, and wait again. The ballots are chosen at random, so if you’re lucky, you’ll be granted the right to purchase tickets and will have to remit payment almost immediately upon learning of your good fortunes.

Next, you’ll need a place to stay. Start looking no later than three months in advance and be prepared to stay a bit further away from the suburban location of Wimbledon. Since parking is limited (read non-existent), plan to take a taxi or the London Underground to get to the tournament. There are hotels in the suburbs as well, but if you’re coming all the way to London, why not stay there and experience the British capital?

And if you’re wondering about walking up to a ticket window and buying same day tickets at Wimbledon, think back to high school when you slept on the sidewalk overnight to get tickets to see your favorite band. You’ll be doing it again, especially for the popular matches, as most fans camp out overnight to receive a limited number of wristbands, given out at 7:30 AM the following morning, guaranteeing you a ticket.

With that said, interested in experiencing Wimbledon in person? Contact a FROSCH Travel Advisor today!