Blog Thumbnail - First Ever Vodka Bar on a Glacier is Opening in the Arctic Circle
Reyka Vodka is the first-ever vodka distilled in Iceland, and this year the small-batch producers are making history by building a fully functional cocktail bar in the Arctic Circle. 

The Reyka Vodka Glacier Bar will be located at the top of the Langjökull Glacier, the second largest glacier in Iceland. What does one do in the world’s first glacier bar? Why, drink ice-cold vodka of course! 

Reyka is known for Icelandic purity and unique charm, which is achieved with glacial spring water, volcanic-rock filtration, and a rare Carter-Head Still for peak crispness. The Reyka Vodka Distillery, located outside of Reykjavik in the town of Borgarnes, is steam-powered via a nearby geo-thermal hot spring. 

At The Reyka Vodka Glacier Bar, lucky patrons will be able to sample Reyka’s specialty cocktail, The Puffin Collins, which is made with two-parts Reyka, pink grapefruit, elderflower and soda, and topped off with a cherry tomato. 

For more information on how you can visit this truly unique bar while trekking through the Arctic, contact your FROSCH Travel Advisor. 

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