Meetings & Events: Moving Business Forward

With COVID-19 wreaking havoc in the travel, hospitality, meetings, and events industries, it has been difficult for businesses to plan engagements in advance. And while our team at FROSCH Global Conferences & Events doesn’t have a crystal ball, we do have the expertise to keep your business moving forward.


Will employees be able to travel for that incentive trip?
Will local restrictions allow for us to host a hundred clients at a conference?

Let FROSCH Global Conferences & Events be your guide.

In this current climate, it’s more important than ever to employ partnerships that are grounded in transparency and shared objectives.  

Our goal at GC&E has always been to be your trusted partner for any planning requirements – and the world’s current shift to virtual experiences doesn’t change that!

The GC&E Team has spent the last few months creating experiences and events that honored current restrictions with creative solutions. We’ve also been helping clients plan future events and incentive programs with different but optimistic perspectives. Here’s what we’ve been doing to help clients move their business forward during these unprecedented times.

Shifting to Virtual Events

Shifting from live events to virtual events provides a viable solution for current events that are logistically impossible due to quarantine measures and travel restrictions. Facing the serious impact of conference cancellations, our customers are reaching out for creative solutions to offset the potential loss of revenue.

In many cases, we can salvage much of the work that was already done and shift live events to virtual ones. Every program shift will be different, and we encourage our clients to consider how to be sensitive to the times and still incorporate value for attendees with the new program. We also offer our expertise on virtual platforms to minimize technical glitches and user difficulties throughout your virtual experience.


Planning Hybrid Events

A hybrid event blends the live, in-person experience with a remote, virtual conference. Using technology, event organizers can reach attendees both on-site and off via recordings or live-casts of the on-site event. This might sound simple: gather the right colleagues on-site and present as you would to a room full of people – except you’re presenting mostly to a recording device.

But planning these events, and executing them flawlessly, takes some serious strategy – and a bunch of tech gurus! Luckily, the team at GC&E employs a best-in-class technology platform to support these types of programs. Our team of tech and meeting experts will work with you to develop a truly experiential program with live-stream webinars, event registration, an online community, and more.

Planning & Evaluating Future Event Programs

We have been working with our partners to ensure flexible pricing and cancellation policies, as well as options for possible postponements. For events that will go on as planned, we’re evaluating seating, event sets, and meeting rooms to ensure physical distancing guidelines are respected. We’re reimagining menus to be thoughtfully-served, timely, and versatile. Clients are opting to incorporate sanitization stands or timely promotional items, like face masks, in their future events. The health and safety of attendees are of utmost priority, but the environmental impact also remains top of mind throughout the planning and execution of any live program.

Combining your travel and meetings programs with FROSCH enables you to have full oversight of the entire process with a single, trusted partner.

The planning and execution of future events will require the utmost attention to detail.

Reimaging Incentive Travel

Incentive trips continue to be one of the best ways to recognize and reward high achievers, but keeping teams motivated post-pandemic has certainly proved to be a bit more challenging. That’s why we’ve introduced an alternative travel incentive solution. Instead of offering a pre-planned incentive trip, our new service offers a variety of exceptional, curated packages for employees to choose from. Packages have predetermined price points, enabling companies to budget and accurately forecast ROI. It’s flexible, with no minimum group size, and 3 years to travel. Motivate employees with the ultimate choice of WHAT, WHERE & WHEN!


Not sure where to start with virtual meetings and hybrid events?

Check out our white paper, which will guide you with an introduction to industry lingo, what to look out for, and tips for making the most out of your virtual event.

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