Last week we identified a selection of smartphone apps to help streamline your travels. Today, we’ve rounded up a collection of gear and gadgets to make business trips a breeze. What makes your shortlist of must-haves on a business trip?

Keep everything in its place with the Grid-It, a woven organization system designed to keep cords, gadgets, and sundry small items snug. No more blind rummaging through your carryon when all you need is a stick of gum. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes. From $14.99 at Cocoon Innovations

At less than three bucks a pop, this airline headphone adaptor will let you plug into the armrest and hear the inflight movies or muzak selections —with both ears—with your own headphones. $2.49 at Amazon.


If you balk at the price of noise cancelling headphones, balk no more: a good quality pair is worth its weight in gold. Used in tandem with your favorite music or a white noise app, you might even forget a flight full of screaming babies. Plus, it sends a clear message to that chatty neighbor that you’re not in the mood for small talk. $299.95 at Bose.

Breeze through security (like the experienced traveler you are) with a laptop bag that’s TSA compliant. This means that you can leave your computer in its bag, saving time spend fumbling awkwardly as the line grows behind you. It unzips to lie flat so that inspectors can inspect, then zips up in a jiffy on the other side. $169.95 at Bindertek.

If you’ve gone all-iPad when traveling for business, a wireless keyboard will help you get some work done in a plane or an airport lounge. This one bends and folds for a less cluttered carryon and connects wirelessly through Bluetooth. $27.45 at Amazon.

The products mentioned above are intended as examples only. We don’t endorse these brands specifically, and we have no affiliation with any of the companies mentioned above.