Eurostar has completely redesigned its high speed train for the first time in its 22 years of existence. For over two decades, the train has offered an easy and comfortable alternative to travel by air or sea, connecting London with Paris and Brussels for travelers. In addition to all stations being upgraded, new amenities have been added onboard, including power ports for every seat. The train itself is new—faster and larger than before, reaching top speeds of 200 mph and trimming off 15 minutes on average from every journey. Passengers can now commute between Brussels and London in under two hours and between Paris and London in just over two hours. Eurostar has also planned two new routes—one from London to Marseille that will take six hours, and one direct route connecting London and Amsterdam that will launch later this year.

In light of recent record numbers of riders, 10.4 million passengers in 2014, Eurostar increased capacity by 20 percent. This means 900 seats versus the 759 seats on older e300 trains—more passengers than two Boeing 747s combined can hold! WiFi is now available on the new trains, and the best part is that it comes with a free virtual library of onboard entertainment. In addition to the new power ports, each seat has access to USB ports, personal reading lights, and overhead screens that offer navigational information.

Eurostar Unveiling its New High Speed Train