Blog Thumbnail - Hurtigruten Introduces Underwater Drones

Most of the world’s oceans have yet to be explored. Now, that is about to change as underwater drone creators, Blueye Robotics and Hurtigruten Cruises, the Norwegian Expedition Cruise line, plan to introduce underwater drones as part of the guest experience on their worldwide expedition cruises.

Passengers on board these unique excursion ships will experience the ocean’s depths through eyes of the Blueye Pioneer drone. With the help of these drones, passengers will be able to view up to 150 meters below the ocean, adding a new and exciting realm of discovery to these ships.

Blueye Pioneer not only goes deeper than any other consumer underwater drone presently on the market, but also its HD wide-angle video camera employs special technologies that work in low-light conditions to stream true-color images live to screens on the Hurtigruten ships, or to personal smart devices, and even to the digital diving masks that can be worn by guests in smaller explorer boats.

With the introduction of underwater drones, Hurtigruten has added another element of exploration new to the cruise industry, and one passengers will certainly enjoy. The Blueye Pioneer drones will be available to Hurtigruten guests in 2018.

Hurtigruten Introduces Underwater Drones