Blog Thumbnail - HKG Fully Embracing Facial Recognition Technology

Beginning in the second quarter of 2018, passengers transiting Hong Kong International Airport (HKG) will enjoy an expedited check-in process, thanks to the addition of facial recognition technology. Passengers will only have to present their passport once, at their first point of check-in.  During this initial process, a facial scan will also be performed.  Once this is completed, passengers won’t need to dig out their passport until they reach their destination!  No paper or electronic documentation, including a boarding pass, will be required.  Passengers will pass through security checkpoints and board their flight using only the facial scan that was taken at the first point of check-in.  Hong Kong International Airport handled approximately 70 million passengers in 2016, making it among the world’s busiest, and one of the first airports to fully adopt facial recognition technology.

 HKG Fully Embracing Facial Recognition Technology