Did you know we check our phones every twelve minutes? Our society has moved to a continuously connected one where a cell phone is never far from our side. Because of this, one would think we already know phone etiquette while traveling, but how many times have you been sitting at the airport frustrated with the dad allowing his toddler to watch Caillou at the loudest decibel possible?

The next time something like this happens to you, share our phone etiquette rules we’ve listed below with your fellow travelers. If we follow these guidelines, we can all have more peaceful travel experiences.


Please, Don’t…
• Walk through the airport terminal while you’re looking at your phone.
• Have loud conversations that disrupt the meals of other patrons in airport restaurants.
• Play extremely loud music, watch videos or play video games while waiting for your flight.
• Talk on your phone when you should be listening for your boarding number.
• Hold up the line when talking to a ticket agent because you’re on your phone.
• Forget that you need your boarding pass which is on your phone that is still in your bag while a line of people waits behind you to board the flight.

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