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App of the Month: PackPoint
June 21, 2019

If you dread packing or have a habit of putting it off until the last minute, then the PackPoint app is…

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A New Way to Be Smart…With Your Suitcase
July 12, 2016

It seems like the travel industry has an obsession with all things “smart.” There are, of course, smartphones, smart watches, smart…

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Luggage That Follows You
March 10, 2016

Are you a frequent traveler, sick of dragging around your heavy luggage from one airport terminal to the next? Well, NUA…

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Travel Tip: Pack Envelopes
June 18, 2012

Amanda at Vagabondish has a list of everyday objects that turn out to be very useful and versatile tools for travelers,…

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6 Must-have Travel Apps
May 9, 2012

Some people try to unplug from technology when traveling. But if you can’t fall asleep without checking your email one last time, don’t…

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Travel Tip: Use the Buddy System
April 10, 2012

It’s nothing short of tragic: you spend months planning a dream vacation, weeks shopping for that perfect swimsuit and matching flip…

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