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TSA Round-Up: The Administration Speaks!
February 16, 2022

February's TSA Round-Up The Administration Speaks! This month’s TSA Round-Up features a few varying messages from TSA officials about topics ranging... Read More
January’s TSA Round-Up
January 20, 2022

January's TSA Round-Up Staying Cool, Calm & Collected during COVID Cases and Carry-on Craziness! Quite a few interesting announcements from the... Read More
TSA Round-Up: Odds & Ends
November 12, 2021

TSA Round-Up: Odds & Ends This month’s TSA Round-Up collects several odds and ends the Transportation Security Administration is currently juggling.... Read More
Travel is Back…and so are Longer Wait Times
June 23, 2021

TSA Round-Up: Travel is Back…and so are Longer Wait Times Many travelers used to complain about the need to wait in... Read More
TSA Round-Up: Masks, Mandates, Medications & More
May 26, 2021

As vaccinations continue in full swing across the United States and as the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) continues…

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TSA Round-Up: Scams, Sunscreen & Screening Solutions 
April 28, 2021

As we get ready for what we hope is a busy summer travel season, our friends at the Transportation Security Administration…

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TSA Roundup: Busier Days are Here!
April 14, 2021

As the weather in the US begins to warm and vaccine availability increases, peoples’ bottled-up desire to travel seems to finally…

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TSA Round-Up: What Goes Around, Comes Around
May 25, 2020

“What goes around, comes around.” No, we don’t mean what you mumbled to yourself when TSA took that $15 bottle of…

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